Pitch 400x600Last year I wrote Pitch. My very first novel (and, in truth, my very first book). I didn’t know much then and depended on a lot of friends to guide me. Some loved the book, some loathed it. That’s the nature of the beast, I guess. One thing was clear, though. The ending demanded another story.

Benny Peters is Taylor’s best friend in the world. From early on, Benny protected Taylor, stood by his side, and wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt him. Taylor told Benny everything. Unfortunately, Benny didn’t share what he knew about himself. The last page of Pitch was where Taylor found out Benny’s secret.

People loved Benny. Some weren’t surprised by the ending. Some were shocked. Most insisted I tell Benny’s story. So I started writing Wet Paint. It tells what happens after the last page of Pitch and where the story goes from there. Benny, to me, is a complex character. He’s ‘large and in charge’. If he accepts you as his, he will move heaven and earth to ensure that you’re safe. One event changed his entire direction in life. Benny, who’d been driven by his parents to be the best, finds that there is more to life than school. He finds it in the form of Addy Dean.

Addy was betrayed by the person who should have protected him when he was a child. He grew up fearful and angry. Benny and Taylor showed him another way and he has clung to that as a lifeline. When he and Benny go back to Camp Care as counselors, Addy thinks he has a handle on everything. He’s with Benny, the man he loves, and he’s ready to give back to another person in need. Unfortunately, Addy never counted on Liam who will rock his and Benny’s world to its foundation.

Can Addy learn to trust Benny again? Can he learn to trust himself? And what happens when an even darker threat looms on the horizon?

This story is NOT going to be for the faint of heart. If you thought Pitch was too extreme for a YA book, you’re not going to want to read Wet Paint. Addy’s story is dealt with honestly and, in some cases, somewhat graphically. I’ve got some amazing people beta reading it now and as soon as they’re finished, and I go through their comments, I’ll be submitting it to Harmony Ink Press. After that? We’ll see.