Last year I introduced Taylor and Jackson to the world. They were the characters in Pitch, my first ever novel (and honestly, my first ever story).

The one thing about the story that seems to have a near universal consensus was the favorite character – which was neither of the main boys. No, that prize went to Benny Peters, Taylor’s best friend. Benny is the best friend that everyone wants. He’s strong, he’s definitely someone you want in your corner. Yes, he made mistakes in Pitch, but he came out better for them.

At the end of Pitch, there was an ending that many suspected would happen, but many more were stunned by. Taylor walked in to find Benny in a position he never thought Benny would be in. And that’s where Wet Paint picks up.

I both loved and hated writing Wet Paint. I love the characters – Benny Peters and Addy Dean – and writing them was a joy. The problem? As it is with all kids, they grew up. They learn some harsh lessons about life and holding on to what you have. For those who haven’t met them, I’d like to introduce you to the boys of Wet Paint.

BennyCaption AddyCaption LiamCaptionBenny Peters – Straight A Student. Strong. Determined. Fiercely loyal.

Addy Dean – Damaged, hurt, and uncertain of his heart.

Liam – A young man who’s been kicked and knocked down, but gets back up with an attitude. He’s going to cause problems for Benny and Addy over the summer.

Will is going to miss his boys. They’re like his own children.

For those who read Pitch and wrote to tell me how much they liked it, thank you. Your words meant a lot. It was those words, in fact, that made Wet Paint a possibility. (That plus the threats from Becky Condit and Mary Phillips Wallace about what would happen if I didn’t write this story.)

Will we ever see these boys again? Who knows. There’s also high school reunion.