Pitch 400x600Jules Lovestoread reviewed Pitch on Goodreads

Pitch is a story about friendship, love, honesty, redemption, and most of all loyalty.

Mr. Parkinson has written a beautiful book, with some fantastic characters. You will absolutely fall in love with Benny. Taylor, too…but, Benny is beyond fabulous. One of the best, best friends I’ve read.

My emotions ran the gamut while reading this, I loved it so much. I laughed. I sighed. I was in shock. I swooned. And, I even shed a few tears. Will does such a great job of developing his characters, that you go through all of the stuff with them – you feel it all in your gut, too.

The friendship between Taylor and Benny is out of this world. The things that they accomplish, and help each other through, out of their mutual love, are such a joy to read. And, the romantic moments in the book, though few, are really lovely, and honest.

And, let’s not forget the villian…. Ok. Lets. *shudders* Creepy stuff, folks.

I have several favorite moments, that I can’t share, as I don’t want to spoil anything; but, let’s just say that you will love every moment of Pitch, and be so happy you read it. And, I hope that the end has you flailing like it did me!!