In 2012, Cody Kennedy wrote a story about Nico and Caleb. It was entitled “Safe” and that was the whole premise of the story. One young man who would do anything to keep his boyfriend from harm. When I read the story I was moved by these boys and their struggle to be together. It’s my pleasure to interview Cody on the anniversary of the release of his book.

Cody Kennedy ‘Safe’ interview

Cody, congratulations on the one-year anniversary of “Safe”! I really enjoyed reading about Caleb and Nico. What are they up to now?

Thank you for joining in the celebration of Safe’s one-year anniversary, Will! It’s a pleasure to be here. Nico is still recovering from the physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. The casts on his arm and leg are now gone and he is attending physical therapy. He desperately wants to be able to dance with Caleb at their Senior Prom. Most of their friends have been accepting of their relationship after coming out, but their high school isn’t as accepting as we might have hoped. Caleb and Nico don’t yet have permission to attend Prom as a couple. They have applied to the same colleges and hope to attend the same college after they graduate from high school. Caleb’s parents are contemplating taking them on a summer vacation to Europe, but they’re having trouble agreeing on which countries to visit. Caleb is very close to giving up and suggesting they go the Caribbean Isles. He wants to see the town of Hell on Grand Cayman Island.

What made you want to write in the first place? What makes you want to continue writing?

I have been writing stories since I was seven years of age. It’s second nature to me and essential to my existence. I write nearly every day and when I don’t have an opportunity to write, my spirit suffers. I also have a wild and overactive imagination and have bizarre dreams when I don’t write.

If you were to give a speech to a high school class, what would you talk about and why?

I would speak about the importance of self-esteem and caring for it, individuality, and freedom and would then give Baz Luhrmann’s “Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen)” speech (song).

“Do one thing every day that scares you. Sing. Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts, don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours.”

“Be careful whose advice you buy, but, be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.”

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What do you think of the future of marriage equality in the US?

*Gapes at Will* Give me a moment, please. I need to dust off my crystal ball. I suggest that marriage equality is inevitable and I’m hopeful that it will be wholly embraced and make us a happier, better-rounded society. Sadly, I don’t believe it will be as “equal” in all the respects we would like it to be. The inconsistencies between state statues and federal statutes governing the benefits derived from marriage will require time to evolve. That said, I do get excited when I see another state or country approve marriage equality. Break out the rainbow dominos!

Thank you, again, for joining in Safe’s one-year anniversary celebration, Will, and for sharing your blog with me! You rock!

Safe by C. Kennedy

Safe follows the burgeoning love of two boys from the time they meet at ten through their senior year in high school when they’re outed by a foolish display of affection.

They met at ten, they kissed at twelve, and were madly in love at eighteen. Caleb is the captain of the swim team and the hottest senior in school. Nico is small and beautiful and has an Italian father who rules with an iron fist. Literally. Nico is never safe from his vicious father. One morning Caleb forgets himself and pecks Nico’s lips at school. A teacher sees them and tattles to the Headmaster. Accidentally outing themselves is the least of their problems. The ball set in motion by the school’s calls to their parents may get Nico killed.

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