Pitch 400x600Mary Phillips Wallace reviewed Pitch on Goodreads:

I just want to preface this review with how much I love this book. Now I know for all of my friends and family who have known me a long time, most don’t necessarily agree with my genres of choice and quite frankly that doesnt really bother me too much any more. More like I feel bad that so many of my friends will never get to know how fantastic some of my favorite authors are.
BUT this book Pitch is, more than anything, the story of five kids coming of age. Yes it is young adult and yes it is MM romance but it is so much more than labels will allow.

Will Parkinson has always impressed me with his ability to write and allow us to understand and (in some cases) relive, the youth perspective. When I read his books I am in high school again, I am feeling the does he / doesn’t he angst, I am excited about that first kiss, and apprehensive about if I am good enough to fit in. I am as nervous as Taylor, confused as Jax, protective as Benny, broken as Addy and jealous as Becca.  He simply has the ability to draw you into his world and want to know not just him but these people he has created and the hope that everyone deserves a happy ending.

I would recommend this book to the old and young, romance fan or not, and will also be getting my boys to read this when they are older, hopefully reinforcing what we have tried to live, that romance is romance and love is love no matter who the MC’s are, gender, orientation, race, religion, etc…

Pitch is a beautiful, well written, journey back to our younger years, and a way of making some teenagers to realize that they are not alone in their feelings and instincts, and that there are people who truly understand. Please get it and read it, you will not be sorry.