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I will preface this review by stating that I am not really a fan of young adult fiction. It’s not a genre that really grabs me, probably because my own young adult days were equivalent to a horror movie where no matter how far you run, you just can’t get away. However, I knew from the moment I heard that Will Parkinson was releasing his book, that I would read it. He’s an incredible man and a beautiful writer so I knew that I would enjoy this story.

Taylor is a typically average high school boy, or so he thinks. He’s a little plump, he’s so-so at schoolwork, he loves to draw and is really good at it, and he’s hiding in the closet. When the new boy, Jackson, joins his sophomore homeroom, Taylor is instantly struck by how good-looking and confident the other boy is. Taylor’s best friend, Benny, figures the crush will die out like they all do and is surprised when it continues, even as far as Taylor attending baseball games. In an aside, I completely fell in love with Benny. Everyone should have a best friend like that! Taylor spends the whole year falling in love with Jackson even though it seems Jackson is hooked up with a cheerleader. (GAWD images of high school nightmares)

Taylor and Benny volunteer to spend the summer as counselors at a camp for abused children. I will admit here that some of the story became a little too pat, as in the boy who never opened up at camp all of a sudden did the day he met Taylor and Benny, but it worked for this storyline and I could understand why the author wrote it this way. Both Taylor and Benny came home from camp re-evaluating themselves and what they might want to do in the future. Then it was back to school in the eleventh grade.

Unfortunately, Taylor is outed by the treacherous actions of a date he never should have gone on. Luckily, life goes along fairly well with not too many hassles at school. Benny is always by his side, supporting him and they’ve made plans to go to college together. Junior prom comes and, finally, a conversation with Jackson reveals a huge betrayal on both of their parts. Life is wonderful for Taylor and Jackson as they begin to date and spend time together. Unfortunately, a blast from both of their pasts shows up and it takes both of them, along with Benny, to see that love can conquer all.

This was a refreshing change for me to read. I’m sorry, Mr. Parkinson, it won’t make me a huge lover of YA, but it does make me a huge lover of your work. This is a sweet story with some adult angst that is dealt with in a positive way. I look forward to reading more by this author.


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Live Your Life, Buy The Book 4 Star Review For Pitch

That was pretty damn sweet. I wish I had been like these boys in High School. Very good and sure of what they wanted. Through that want they learned more about themselves and became better people. That desire to make the person you love proud and to be worthy of their admiration. Even if they don’t love you, you want them to be happy. Very romantic and pure. I really enjoyed the day-to-day growth of these guys.

Taylor falls for Jackson the minute he walks into home room. He can’t get the guy out of his mind, even though the schools social-climbing school hussy has claimed him for herself. Jackson doesn’t seem to mind, so Taylor assumes he must be straight. Doesn’t make him want him any less. Taylor actually starts going to Jackson’s baseball games and sketching Jackson on and off the field. Not something he’d ever do if he wasn’t crushing on a player. Taylor decides that since he can’t get over his crush, he’ll just be happy to spend any time he can with Jackson. Meaning he signs up for every activity possible. It’s really the only way he can be there for Jackson since they never speak to each other.

Jackson is new to another school. He should be used to it based on all the bouncing around he and his dad have done, but this time it’s different. This time he’s staying through graduation and he wants to finally belong. Do the things he’s never been able to stick around and do. He becomes the star pitcher and student council president. Making a real difference in their community. He’s popular and has friends. All things he’s always wanted.

Thanks to the help of the hussy who redeems herself, kind of, they pine for each other from afar. Until the prom! I know it sounds dramatic and it kind of was. Jackson realizes that she’d been keeping them apart with lies.

Basically this was a young adult romance. No sex but I didn’t really miss it. Very cute characters. The story is told strictly from Taylor’s POV so most of the book you’re guessing what Jackson is thinking. I loved Taylor’s best friend Benny. He was smart, funny and loyal. All around good guy who was always there for Taylor.

Now, the baddie stalker I didn’t love. Not because he was bad, but because he was a little of the top on page. He was believable off page and I despised him plenty. I think the situation with him blackmailing Taylor wasn’t terribly realistic for as smart of a kid as Taylor is. AND that he was a teenager.

Yay! Another YA book I enjoyed. Who knew? I know so many people who will love this. It’s a sweet coming of age story about two boys finding their way to each other.

Cate Ashwood on Pitch

Pitch 400x600Pitch is an amazing story that really does have it all. I really can’t say enough good things about it. The story is one that will have you reaching for the tissues. It is crafted in such a way that you can’t help but find yourself completely immersed, like you’re right back there in high school (as painful as that may be sometimes). But the best part of this book, is the characters. They are dynamic, and complex, and well-rounded, but more than that is how real they are. They could be your best friends from childhood. The author has a knack for creating wonderfully flawed characters and Pitch is no different. The boys aren’t perfect. Far from it, and that’s what makes them so relateable.

This was one of the best young adult novels I’ve read, and touches on issues that are so important. Love, and friendship, and acceptance; doing the right thing and being true to yourself. Read it. You won’t be disappointed.

A word of warning though (other than to bring the Kleenex), make sure when you sit down to read it, you have enough time to finish it. You’re not going to want to put it down.

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Jules Lovestoread Review for Pitch

Pitch 400x600Jules Lovestoread reviewed Pitch on Goodreads

Pitch is a story about friendship, love, honesty, redemption, and most of all loyalty.

Mr. Parkinson has written a beautiful book, with some fantastic characters. You will absolutely fall in love with Benny. Taylor, too…but, Benny is beyond fabulous. One of the best, best friends I’ve read.

My emotions ran the gamut while reading this, I loved it so much. I laughed. I sighed. I was in shock. I swooned. And, I even shed a few tears. Will does such a great job of developing his characters, that you go through all of the stuff with them – you feel it all in your gut, too.

The friendship between Taylor and Benny is out of this world. The things that they accomplish, and help each other through, out of their mutual love, are such a joy to read. And, the romantic moments in the book, though few, are really lovely, and honest.

And, let’s not forget the villian…. Ok. Lets. *shudders* Creepy stuff, folks.

I have several favorite moments, that I can’t share, as I don’t want to spoil anything; but, let’s just say that you will love every moment of Pitch, and be so happy you read it. And, I hope that the end has you flailing like it did me!!

First Pitch Review

Pitch 400x600Mary Phillips Wallace reviewed Pitch on Goodreads:

I just want to preface this review with how much I love this book. Now I know for all of my friends and family who have known me a long time, most don’t necessarily agree with my genres of choice and quite frankly that doesnt really bother me too much any more. More like I feel bad that so many of my friends will never get to know how fantastic some of my favorite authors are.
BUT this book Pitch is, more than anything, the story of five kids coming of age. Yes it is young adult and yes it is MM romance but it is so much more than labels will allow.

Will Parkinson has always impressed me with his ability to write and allow us to understand and (in some cases) relive, the youth perspective. When I read his books I am in high school again, I am feeling the does he / doesn’t he angst, I am excited about that first kiss, and apprehensive about if I am good enough to fit in. I am as nervous as Taylor, confused as Jax, protective as Benny, broken as Addy and jealous as Becca.  He simply has the ability to draw you into his world and want to know not just him but these people he has created and the hope that everyone deserves a happy ending.

I would recommend this book to the old and young, romance fan or not, and will also be getting my boys to read this when they are older, hopefully reinforcing what we have tried to live, that romance is romance and love is love no matter who the MC’s are, gender, orientation, race, religion, etc…

Pitch is a beautiful, well written, journey back to our younger years, and a way of making some teenagers to realize that they are not alone in their feelings and instincts, and that there are people who truly understand. Please get it and read it, you will not be sorry.

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