Wet Paint approaches 18k words

BennyCaptionAddyCaptionLiamCaptionBenny Peters whole life has been planned out. His parents decided that he was going to study hard, get good grades, go to a great college, and be someone important. Benny has always been for the underdog. He’s wicked smart, physically powerful, and best of all, he’s got an amazing heart.  His best friend, Taylor, went through a lot of trouble last year, but Benny stood by him, despite Taylor’s best efforts to push him away. One of the best things about his year was the summer camp he and Taylor went to. Here he met Addy Dean, the adopted son of one of his teachers.

Addy Dean is a broken young man. As a child he was abused by his birth father. Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse took a toll on his self-esteem. But a strong, caring young man helped pull him out of his shell. It was during the summer camp that an event changed his life forever. This year, he’s giving back. He’s going to be a counselor at the camp, showing off his skills as a painter to help others heal their hurts.

Liam McDonald isn’t at all what Benny and Addy expected. He’s brash, worldly, and sexually promiscuous. He’s also got his sights set on Benny. Addy realizes that Liam can offer Benny everything, while Addy has nothing to give. So why would Benny want broken goods, when he can have the whole package?

By the end of the summer, everything will change for Addy. Unfortunately for him, the cycle hasn’t ended and someone is going to try to rip away the knowledge he’s gained. Will someone be able to protect Addy when he needs it most?

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