I first started writing when I was fourteen years old. Handwritten stories on loose leaf paper. I wrote of characters like Grant and Rusty who needed each other in order to be a family. I wasn’t out and could never dare to show them to anyone, but these boys became my friends and family.

A few words from someone tore them away from me, causing me to doubt myself. At fourteen, realizing you’re gay, and having no one to talk with…well, it pretty much sucked. I took everything I ever wrote – Free At Last, The Triad, and more – and threw them in a box and stopped writing for many years.

The voices in my head didn’t stop talking to me, though. They begged to be let out, but I was certain that the person who told me I’d never amount to anything was right and I denied them.

More years passed. Then one day I found ‘The Telling’ by Eden Winters. It was my very first male/male story and I was hooked. I wrote to her and explained how much I loved it. From there grew a friendship that we share to this day. One day she asked me if I didn’t have stories to share. I explained why I didn’t write and she told me very plainly that the voices in my head would never stop talking to me and that I needed to let them out.

From that conversation came Pitch – the story of Taylor, Jackson, Benny, and Addy. My first published work, available in 2013 from Harmony Ink.

And I could not be prouder.